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Joylink Travel Consults Ltd is a vision oriented travel and tour consultancy registered in Ghana that renders customer-centric services in all areas of travel, tour, Edu-abroad, transportation, cruise, rentals, flight reservations, accommodation bookings, work abroad etc.

Our Core Values

Passion/commitment; The founding purpose of this noble company is based on passion for the travel industry and as a results the traveller.
Experience & Results
Integrity & Transparency
Ethical Customer Management
Innovation & Flexibility

Why us

At Joylink Travel Consults we offer you customized/tailor-made travel itineraries for your trips.

Flight Reservations

We help and make your Flight Reservations easier.


We deals in all kind of rentals.


We take care of all your Accomodation issues in the safest and classic Hotels in the country and abroad.


We offer royal experience cruise deals to the best vacations in innovative ships.